During the summer months, more people will be looking to head out for British road trip adventures. The warm weather brings out more motorcycle enthusiasts as well as those wishing to try out life with a motorbike for the first time.

Yet the rise in interest also means one thing – a resurfacing of some age-old myths. Some of them could, if believed, actually cause accidents. So, it’s high time to discredit these common motorcycle myths and help to get you safely out on the open road.

1. Motorcycle helmets aren’t safe

Quite the opposite. This is a particularly dangerous myth as there are no statistics to support the fact that motorcycle helmets do more harm than good and, in fact, head protection is vital. It’s the law to wear a motorcycle helmet in the UK and your headgear of choice must meet certain safety regulations. Helmets that don’t meet the requirements are unsafe and the law is in place to ensure you don’t settle for an unsafe model.

2. Racing tyres are safer

Tyres used for racing are completely different from those motorbike riders use on roads. Unless a biker is breaking the law and driving at speeds not permitted, there is no need to have racing tyres. Racing tyres are built for speed over a short period of time, so they also have fewer grooves meaning they might actually be more dangerous when it comes to adverse weather conditions. Road tyres are perfectly safe for riding on all roads as that’s what they’re designed for. Stick to good quality road tyres for your bike, while adhering to the speed limits, and you’ll have a safe pair of tyres.

3. Motorbike leathers are only for fashion

While there are no laws about wearing protective clothing, all motorcycle wear must be CE approved – and wearing quality, specialised gear comes highly recommended. So while they might well be fashionable, well-designed motorcycle leathers have a strong practical value for riders. Not only do they protect a rider’s skin, but they’re also the perfect windshield. Investing in robust bike leathers isn’t just a fashion choice – it’s an important aspect of motorcycle safety measures.

4. Other motorists can always see a motorcycle

All vehicles have blind spots, so there’s no way all motorists will be able to see you all the time. This is why it’s incredibly important to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road and don’t drive aggressively. It’s also a great idea to wear clothing to make you visible to other road users – especially at night. Invest in reflective vests and other gear and you’ll give yourself the best opportunity of being noticeable.

If you’re thinking about investing in a helmet, leathers and a bike to enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget to also keep safe by ensuring you get comprehensive motorbike insurance. Keeping safety in mind is imperative when riding a motorcycle and that’s why it’s also important to debunk any myths you may have heard – hopefully this round-up of four motorbike myths has set the record straight and got you ready to take to the road with peace of mind.