Given a choice between a fancy residence in the city or a humble dwelling amid natural landscapes, many will pick the latter. FormaFantasma apparently agrees as they choose the Manitoga — home of the late American designer Russel Wright — to display their works. “Designing Nature” is the show’s name, and it promotes eco-awareness.

As you all know, concerns regarding climate change have been gaining traction recently. Experts predict worrying outcomes if we do not take things seriously. Furthermore, it’s fitting that the Italian design group is holding the exhibition in a structure promoting creativity and harmony with nature.

The Manitoga is about an hour away north of New York City. It stands in the midst of a 75-acre woodland garden in Garrison, New York. Even if the event ends later this year, people can still visit the Russel & Mary Wright Design Gallery. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of breathtaking works from FormaFantasma that you can view throughout the volumes of the studio.

For example, items from their Botanica collection are arranged on a windowsill. Unique light installations likewise create a distinct atmosphere throughout the Manitoga. Drop by the living room to see their creative use of alternative leathers on the Craftica – a small table. The “Designing Nature” exhibit will run from May 13, 2022, to November 14, 2022.

“FormaFantasma and Russel Wright share a broad design reach, across medium and scale, from object to environment, with focused attention to form, materiality and method,” notes Manitoga Executive Director Alisson Cross. “Although separated by almost a century, the work of both addresses environmental concerns and asks if design can be a steward of nature and our future.”

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Manitoga Living Room Manitoga Seat Manitoga Exterior

Images courtesy of FormaFantasma/Michael Biondo