The unique design of the Falcon House by British-based prefabrication specialist Koto Design maximizes the views of the surrounding scenery. It has an upside-down structure to create what the team called the “feeling of living within the trees.”

This is a two-story structure with private quarters on the first floor for a more intimate and cozy environment. Meanwhile, the areas for entertaining guests are on the second floor. These include the kitchen and the dining and living areas. The bespoke design itself lends to an immersive living experience with the natural topography. The two stacked twisted volumes cantilever out toward the rural landscape in the Cotswolds, while large glazed windows on the second level open out into the horizon. Two terraces also flanked the house on opposite sides.

Despite its non-traditional design and strong sculptural form, the Falcon House complements its terrain. The two volumes are clad in black timber while interior furnishings strike an organic balance. Koto Designs opted for a minimalist yet clean, elegant, and “quiet luxury” aesthetic. Light-colored spaces of wood walls and floors fill the interior and the earthy texture on plastered walls creates a natural output.

Moreover, the team chose organic fabrics and woven rugs for a homey and contemporary feel. The careful choice of paint color, materials, and display items used inside create a natural harmony with the outside scenery. 

The Falcon House sits within a holiday home community called Lower Mill estate. Koto Design envisioned it to be a place for rest and relaxation, where memories can be made or simply where one can sit and comfortably contemplate along with the rustling of the leaves on the trees. 

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Images courtesy of Koto Design