Sneakerheads are always up to date with the latest drops and also boasts a sizeable collection of kicks. Some like to wear them, while the rest prefer to keep their haul in mint condition. There’s no doubt they have their favorite pair on display at home. Everknown now lets you show them off in the most spectacular way possible with the Hypelev.

From experience, we know some folks who splurge on at least four pairs upon release. One they keep mint in box, another on a display cabinet or stand, and the remaining two to use. The Hypelev – as the name hints at – allows owners to turn their shoes into a mesmerizing floating showpiece.

It does so with the help of some clever tech and magnets. The levitating sneaker display stand measures 19” x 10.5” x 3.4” (H x L x W). It comes with a 4.5-foot power cord that ends in a DC 12V adapter. We love it when companies consider cable management possibilities when they design their product.

No need to direct a lamp its way as the Hypelev features integrated LEDs. The translucent inner section lights up in a soft glow to make sure all details are in full view. The cable connects to the bottom rear of the device. Here, you’ll find the branding and a control dial at the top.

Also In the box is a strong magnet that goes into the shoe which helps suspend it mid-air. It works with most enclosed footwear that does not exceed 2.2 lbs. There’s enough room to fit a size 15 (US men) sneaker. The Hypelev is available in Black, White, and Red Edition (Everknown x Santa).

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Images courtesy of Everknown