The way we see it, home automation is a trend that is not showing any signs of slowing down soon. In fact, a lot of new gadgets made for household functions are shipping with smart features. It all started with LED lights, but now almost everything you can think of can be connected to your home network. The ease of remotely accessing any of these devices is indeed a big convenience. Therefore, it won’t be long before the technology finds its way to things we never thought of. Case in point, the Eve Aqua smart water controller.

Smart home integration is the name of the game and manufacturers are coming up with new gadgets to help. The Eve Aqua system works a lot like smart plugs that you use to control whatever is plugged into the wall sockets. This device attaches to your standard threaded water spigot commonly used for garden hoses and other outdoor irrigation systems. The company understands that it can be troublesome to step out just to turn on the water for the sprinklers. Hence, this handy item lets you wirelessly control the flow from almost anywhere.

Not only does it offer a unique form of versatility, but the Eve Aqua smart water controller also tracks your usage. Users can get valuable insight regarding their water consumption through via the companion app for smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, you can set schedules to keep your lawn and plants properly hydrated even when you’re away. The housing is UV-resistant and will withstand changing weather conditions with no problem.

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Images courtesy of Eve