A penthouse is an amazing house in and of itself, regardless of how it is designed and furnished. The urban setting, the high position, the breathtaking views, and the sense of absolute freedom above the rest of the world are simply priceless. So when you add to all that a gorgeous contemporary interior, the result can only be stunning, as it is in the case of this luxury penthouse in Kazakhstan.

Esentai Tower Luxury Penthouse Interior by CoordinationEsentai Tower Luxury Living Esentai Tower Luxury Living Room

Designed by Coordination, a Berlin-based studio, the apartment is situated on the 30th floor of the Esentai Tower, the tallest building in Almaty, which in turn is the largest city in the country. Originally planned as a three-bedroom home, the place ended up being a plush loft-style apartment with one bedroom and plenty of room for relaxation and socialization.

The interior architecture is stunning, and the eclectic choice of expensive finishes is irresistible. The furniture fills the spaces perfectly, without distracting from the breathtaking views, while every piece of décor compliments the room in which it sits in the most natural and almost organic way. Open, luminous, generous and luxurious, the apartment is a dream home fit for urban royalty.

Esentai Tower Luxury Dining Room 1 Esentai Tower Luxury Bedroom