Over the past few years, nothing much has changed when it comes to earphone design. Sure we’ve seen the wireless revolution take over as most models have shifted to Bluetooth connectivity. However, almost everything still looks like the conventional kind with a few exceptions. That’s why the Dotcom Creation DP-2 intentionally shies away from the normal form factor.

Traditional construction of earphones often comes with a silicone or foam tip. It’s what goes into the ear canal and holds everything in place. This forms a seal that enhances the quality of audio delivered by the drivers. On the flipside, it can also pose a risk to the user since it mostly blocks out background noise. The unique shape of the DP-2 positions the speakers within close proximity to the ear canal and keeps you aware of your surroundings.

Designed by Jun Katsunuma, the wireless earphones are supposed to be worn like earrings. The obsidian black device doubles as a fashion accessory. It clips on naturally to your earlobe with a simple twist. The innovative device is still in its conceptual phase, so there might still be some changes in line before it hit retailers everywhere. It appears that Dotcom Creation literally refuses to follow the conventional mold with the DP-2.

Dotcom Creation DP-2

Photos courtesy of Dotcom Creation