Do you enjoy riding along the highway on your motorcycle or love nothing more than the thrill of taking to the slopes of a snow-covered mountain on a set of skis or snowboard? Even if you are more interested in exploring cave or skydiving, you probably love doing your favourite activity while listening to your favourite music.

However, there is one problem that most people are familiar with if they have to navigate the use of earphones with a helmet. That is, the problem of them getting tangled up. Either that or the earphones pull out of the port in your device.

Regardless of what causes it, to enjoy your favourite playlists and songs while participating in something high octane, Domio Sports have come up with an ingenious solution – The Domio Helmet Surround Sound device.

This little gizmo transforms your helmet, regardless of the brand, into a fully operational surround sound system. It makes use of Domio’s own Vibro-Audio technology, which is not only highly responsive and effective, it takes minutes to install.

It is easily attached to the and via the Bluetooth connection on your phone or device. What’s more, because you do not have anything obstructing your ears, such as earphones etc., you can listen to music while still be aware of the environment you are in – which is essential for your safety and those around you.

The Domio Helmet Surround Sound System