There’s nothing wrong with the stock version of the Toyota Tundra, but some people are looking for something more when it comes to a sturdy and reliable SUV. That’s where the truck tuning specialists over at Devolro come in, as they have decided to modify this already respectable car in order to make it better than ever before.

Devolro's Toyota Tundra Diablo Back, Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro

The main performance-related modifications include a six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, a Dual TRD Exhaust, a FABTECH 6” Performance System with Black Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers and Dirt Logic Shocks, as well as TOYO Open Country tires. Dubbed Diablo, this monster is powered by a 5.7L engine that’s good for 600 horsepower, which is quite an improvement when compared to the standard version. Inside, the owner gets to enjoy carbon fiber inserts, leather upholstery, polished wood elements and an outstanding 3KW sound system. Moreover, the car can be started from up to 1,640 feet away, and it can be located on a map using a special smartphone app.

Interior, Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro, Interior Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro, Front View Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro