The Denizen Archetype Smartpod gives a new meaning to remote work. This prefab shelter lets you take your work practically anywhere you want where you can work in peace and quiet. 

This is the ideal remote office as every detail has been considered to help you work productively no matter your topography. As its name suggests, it is connected so you can keep up to date with those office emails or social media events. It even gives you more than a wiggle room for when you need to stretch those tight muscles after a long day of sitting.

3D printed from the ground up, the Denizen Archetype Smartpod boasts  10-foot-ceilings. It has wide immersive glass windows to connect you to your outdoor surroundings. Picture working in the woods, by the lake, or near the beach. Moreover, it has professional lighting, controllable privacy glass on every window, and perfectly framed camera views at the desk and whiteboard. 

Best of all, it keeps you comfortable day and night with a built-in cooling and heating system. It also has air filtration and a mini-fridge to store food and other refreshments. When you need to take a nap or fully stretch out, then you can do so on the rear lounge. It has a couple of head cushions and overhead lighting where you can lay back to read or just sleep. The Denizen Archetype Smartpod even managed to fit a 27-inch 4K display and a 4K webcam for video meetings. 

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Images courtesy of Denizen