Hello Wood’s Pebble Pod, formerly known as WorkStation, is an eight-square-meter multipurpose haven that can adapt to any environment and weather conditions. It’s the ideal micro cabin for those looking for a quiet place to relax, work, or have fun. 

This pod has undergone a transformative process since its initial inception as an isolated prefab workstation. Its purpose is limited only by your imagination— think WorkPod, GamePod, GlampingPod. This is a dwelling that seamlessly blends into its landscape and constructed to withstand nature’s brunt so it provides a safe and comfortable haven. 

Hello Wood’s Pebble Pod is also a testament to sustainability with its eco-friendly design. It uses recycled materials, energy-efficient systems, and a distinct architecture that minimizes carbon footprint. It stands on stilts to lessen land disruption and can be moved anytime to a different location.

This cabin can be set up in the back garden, by the lake, on a hill, and even on top of a building. It offers flexible interior space that’s insulated so it can easily adapt to the changing seasons. An air conditioning unit can easily be hidden in a built-in bench.

Hello Wood’s Pebble Pod is also soundproof so it makes a great alternative to an office, kids’ playroom, a game room, a studio, a mini hotel room, or somewhere quiet to relax like for glamping. Likewise, huge glass windows allow natural daylight to enter the interior and when night comes, you can easily bask in the beauty of the starry sky in the comforts of the cozy cabin. 

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Images courtesy of Hello Wood