It’s a known fact that whiskey aficionados are expanding their interests beyond Scotch. Over the years blends hailing from other countries have also piqued the interest of discerning drinkers. So far, several Japanese labels have distinguished themselves as world-class suppliers of the spirit. Hence, if you have $50,000 to burn, keep an eye out for the Acclaim collection.

The name is fitting given the dram stored in these beautiful crystal vessels is sourced from the legendary Karuizawa distillery. The establishment closed its doors a little over 20 years ago but is supposedly in the revival process in partnership with Dekantā. The retailer likewise calls on renowned artist David Stanley Hewett.

He stated, “in designing the Acclaim Whisky Stage I wanted to create a celebration by bringing together references from Japanese history, craftsmanship and artistic traditions.” The meticulous detail that goes into each set is nothing short of remarkable. Everything ships inside a Wajima Lacquerware cabinet adorned in gold leaf layering.

Open the box to witness the trio of bespoke bottles lit up by LEDs to make an outstanding impact. Of course, the true highlight of the Acclaim collection is the precious liquid housed within each glass container. The Japanese single malt whiskeys they hold were distilled sometime between 1999 and 2000.

Aged in sherry casks, the ABVs range from 60.8 percent, 61.1 percent, and 61.4 percent. “In order to breathe life into such an iconic collection, it was imperative to select a whisky that would turn heads. The spirit needed to showcase the superb craftsmanship of Japanese distillers that have put the industry on the map.” Writes Dekantā about the Acclaim collection.

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Images courtesy of Dekantā