Even though the Lunar New Year festivities are already over, there’s still enough reason to celebrate before March rolls over. Most of the people we know love to toast to life’s little accomplishments with a glass of whiskey. Nevertheless, to the rest of us who love to chill out in the company of other distilled drinks, the DE-NADA presents two of their finest tequilas.

This might be a long shot, but if there’s any of you who don’t know where this spirit comes from, let’s get that out of the way. Unlike whiskeys and beers which start off with grains, tequila is an alcohol distilled from the Mexican agave plant. These days, there are an eye-watering number of brands to choose from, but DE-NADA’s offerings come with a promise.

You can choose between their Blanco and Reposado blends depending on your preference. However, what the distillery claims to do differently makes it a great choice for mixologists and drinkers alike. It’s already an established fact that much like any commercial beverages some ship with additives.

In a bid to make their products look, taste, and smell appealing, some shops add some secret extras to their batches. It could be anything from flavorings, colorings, perfumes, and other mysterious compounds. True to its name DE-NADA assures customers their tequila is as pure and smooth as it gets.

This isn’t just any advertising gimmick as their tequilas regularly pass annual audits. So far, most of the experts who have sampled their products can attest to this. Others note that their use of estate-grown Blue Weber agaves which are then brick-oven roasted contribute to its distinctive profile. Make sure to give DE-NADA a try the next time you head out for a booze run.

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Images courtesy of DE-NADA