Melding art with practicality, Austrian design company Das Happy Medium has just launched a new product that is sure to make an impression wherever it is placed. The Puno [$740 (Spanish for Fist)] is a very modernistic lamp, shaped like a human hand holding a tube of light.

The peculiar lamp is a 3D-printed polygonal structure that has been laser sintered from polyamide. The wrist rises from a milled brass base which can be adjusted to either stand upright on a table or mounted to a wall. The base is in two pieces as the fingers must be removed to insert an Osram Liniestra S14D fluorescent light tube into the fitting in the palm. The mentioned lights come in several lengths from 12″ to 19 1/2″. At only 1 1/3 lbs, the Puno is very lightweight.

Das Happy Medium’s Puno lamp comes in either black or white and also formed as a right or left hand for pairing the lamps. The image of a hand offering illumination with its bar of light is a very simple but a profound statement for any space. [via]