Croatian architect Tomislav Soldo has developed what at first glance appears to be a simple house on a hill. In a way it is. The compact design with its pitched roof and terrace extension overlooks a panoramic view of the surrounding forest and mountains in the Gorski Kotar region of Croatia.

The inside also appears simple with its high-ceilinged living room and the open kitchen and bathroom providing a small box-like core underneath the mezzanine level sleeping area. There is also a small basement for storage. The windows have special slotted shutters which give an aesthetically pleasing play of sunlight in the day and reverses that to the outside when the lights are on at night.

Sitting on the concrete foundation, the exterior walls of this country house are constructed of 1-foot thick concrete blocks which require no further insulation for winter or summer. The blocks are covered with a facade of Siberian Larch cladding which has been coated with two layers of all-natural black wood tar for weatherproofing protection.

This monolithic looking structure on its hill is a fine example of how beautiful a simple home can be.