Whiskey is the liquor that just keeps on giving. There are so many types to sample out there and not to mention the various ways to have it. Have it neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails and you’ll eventually find your favorite. If it happens to be the Old Fashioned, then This HIRSCH THE HORIZON And Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherries combo should do the trick.

This bundle has the essential ingredients one needs to enjoy a glass or two of the delectable drink. If this is your first time making an Old Fashioned, the ingredients are quite simple, yet the results are even better. With a bit of practice, you can indulge in this refreshing alcoholic beverage at home.

Meanwhile, the recipe mixologists usually go by includes bourbon or rye whiskey, a simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and an orange peel or maraschino cherry to garnish. So, in a rocks glass, add your bitters and syrup, then stir in some ice.

Pour your desired serving of HIRSCH THE HORIZON straight bourbon whiskey, mix, and top it with a piece from your Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherries. As you can see, this comforting cocktail is easy to make and awesome to serve at parties.

For a bit of insight, the HIRSCH THE HORIZON in this package is from the distiller’s batch number AHH0320. Even by itself, the straight bourbon whiskey is a wonderful spirit to sip at the end of the day. It is also the winner of the “Best Non-Kentucky Bourbon” at the 2021 World Whiskies Awards. The Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherries is also the best you can get in the market.

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Images courtesy of HIRSCH Selected Whiskeys