If you’re looking for a portable and convenient storage solution for items on your couch then the CouchConsole does the job. It lets you keep the TV remote, your phone, and other small items in one place so you don’t misplace them. It can also hold your drinks and food and prevent them from spilling. 

This ingenious organizer comprises modules that each serve its purpose. They are independent of each other so you can mix and match them or customize them according to your needs. There’s a cup holder, a snack cup, and a spot to lay down the TV remote or keep your phone upright.

The cup holder features a high-performance gyroscope that ensures the cup stays in a vertical position regardless if the surface you put the CouchConsole on is uneven or soft.  The holder fits most standard-size glasses or cups and even locks it in place for added security. It can’t fit a 16oz can, a 20 oz venti cup, and a 12 oz and 16oz bottle.  Unfortunately, it does not work with mason jars, martin glass, Weizen glass, and a rounded vase. 

The CouchConsole is very versatile you can take it anywhere. It even houses a USB-C port on top linked directly to the storage area where you can put a power bank and charge your phone and other tech accessories. The padding on the back of the tray also serves as a comfortable padded armrest and the spacer easily transforms into a lid for the snack cup. 

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Images courtesy of CouchConsole