Over the weekend, Cooler Master surprised fans when it announced a collaboration with Rough Crafts dubbed the Cosmos Charger. It is in celebration of the Taiwanese computer hardware group’s 30th anniversary. The custom 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob is the counterpart to its limited-edition Cosmos Infinity case. The latter would look awesome alongside the Orb X gaming pod.

After its announcement in 2021, many speculate Cooler Master might be close to the official launch of this fancy workstation. The brand is held in high regard by those in the PC gaming scene and continues to offer premium products and accessories. Although the pricing is not yet indicated, this might be the lineup’s most costly item yet.

As gamers seek the most immersive experience, many manufacturers are happy to oblige with all-in-one solutions. Acer came up with the Predator Thronos, Razer teased the Project Brooklyn, while others also have concepts of their own. The Orb X, meanwhile, resembles a futuristic cocoon with its ABS shell.

Available in Universe Black and Arctic White, it tips the scales at a hefty 757 lbs. The wide base appears to have adjustable feet to aid in stability. Meanwhile, the cockpit features an ergonomic seat upholstered in genuine leather. There are six points of articulation that users can adjust accordingly for comfort.

It’s packing a surround sound speaker setup, as well as ARGB LED trims you can customize. An extra large desk space is ideal for your mouse and keyboard or even a laptop. The Orb X comes with wireless phone charging and extra USB ports for connectivity. Meanwhile, the display mount can hold a single 34” monitor or up to three 27” panels. Its semi-enclosed design and motorized shuttle dome enhance privacy.

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Images courtesy of Cooler Master