Despite all the flak Facebook has faced over the years, people just can’t quit the platform. There have been multiple controversies surrounding its practices, which has prompted users to look elsewhere. Thankfully, there is an awesome alternative out there that offers unique personalized features. Clay helps you manage contact information and more.

Have you ever checked your social media account, e-mails, phone messages, calendar, and other similar items lately? We all know it’s difficult to stay on top of essential details regarding each name on your list. Unless you’re constantly communicating with that person or if they are part of your circle of family and friends, tracking everything can be a nightmare.

That’s where Clay comes in as it scours your vast network of contacts to determine how often you should keep in touch. Basically, it uses advanced algorithms to gather relevant data about every individual in your linked accounts. It then populates items such as photos, work history, education, social media profiles, biographies, and more.

Think of it as a digital Rolodex which updates in real time as soon as any relevant activity is detected. Notifications from Clay will then nudge you to interact in a number of ways. In turn, this cultivates good correspondence between you and your acquaintances which can be a huge advantage in business dealings and personal relationships.

According to the product page, “Almost all successful people naturally identify the importance of conscientiousness, spending time and money to remember the most important parts of their careers and lives — other people.” Clay is currently available on iOS devices, macOS, and the web. Check it out and build a robust social network with the help of technology.

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