Located on a steep slope overlooking the glacial Lake Calafquén in Chile, the Chucao House is designed to maximize views from all of the living quarters. Its Y-shaped design certainly helps in that regard, while also letting the native surrounding trees grow undisturbed.

Built with two sloping roofs that overlap, the abode is protected against intense rains. The roofs also control sunlight entrance and allow for intermediate spaces that provide a seamless transition between the exterior and interior. Large sliding windows are fitted throughout, providing unobstructed views and allowing the entry of natural light.

The Chucao House is decorated with bespoke furniture built in beech wood by local carpenters, in accordance with the architectural design of the house. Its common areas are integrated into one open space, with a large chimney as a focal point that also acts as a separating element between living and dining rooms, and the kitchen.

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Images by Nico Saieh