Don’t you just hate it when a beverage you prepared at home or bought from a store quickly loses its ideal temperature? Hot or cold, your typical cup or takeout container doesn’t really offer much in terms of insulation. Thus, you need a specialized drinking vessel like Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid.

These days reusable travel mugs are essential gear that people need when they’re on the go. Nothing beats sipping coffee and other beverages while they are still hot or cold. The problem is that most of the cheaper ones don’t really perform as advertised.

Moreover, the build quality is often poor, while some even use questionable materials which can be dangerous in the long term when exposed to temperature fluctuations. Fellow Products, meanwhile, presents a simple yet stylish option – the Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid.

It is available in black with 16-ounce and 12-ounce variants. Although it basically functions like every other travel mug, Fellow Products takes other aspects into account aside from the thermal retention of its contents. The Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid uses a slick mechanism to open and close the cover.

This makes it easy for you to take a sip with just a flick of your thumb. Another feature you’ll love is the True Taste ceramic coating. This forms a barrier between your drink and the metal surfaces, so the flavor stays the same. The Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid is built to be food-safe and durable.

Fellow Products’ Heat-Lock double wall system will keep your beverage hot or cold for up to six hours. The Carter Move Mug + Slide-Lock Lid is slim enough to fit standard car cup holders. Now you can caffeinate with convenience during your commute.

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Images courtesy of Fellow Products