Out of all the countless campers we’ve featured before, what really matters to buyers are looks, build quality, functionalities, and sustainability. The latter is becoming one of the key characteristics manufacturers are considering when developing their platforms. For the guys out there, who want to get more out of their motorhomes, the Caracat 860 offers a unique experience.

What sets this RV apart from others is its amphibious capability. You read that correctly. Not only can you enjoy the superior creature comforts on land, but on water as well. Just like a motorboat, you just need to load it up on a trailer.

If your favorite camping spot happens to be beside a large body of water, this is where this caravan/catamaran hybrid shines. The company notes that ownership and operation of the Caracat 860 does not require a special license. This means you can camp out traditionally and maybe cruise around a lake or out at sea.

The latter is possible via a patented system that can store and extend pontoons integrated below the camper. Its construction uses GRP for the twin hulls and superstructure. The Caracat 860 measures a little over 28 feet from nose to tail and is brimming with luxurious appointments.

Its layout shows sliding doors that lead to a balcony. The rear features a terrace with a deployable awning, while the interior holds a living area, a kitchen, a sitting area/folding bed, a bathroom, a wardrobe, and more.

A ladder leads up to the wooden roof deck which features seating and a bimini top when you need some shade. Meanwhile, solar panels line the aft section to power its electronics. The Caracat 860 is outfitted with an electric propulsion system, but there are petrol engine options available as well.

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Images courtesy of Caracat