Like we said before, some of the most stylish and coziest homes you can find are in Los Angeles, California. When you prefer to live somewhere with plenty of sun almost all-year-round and winters minus the snow, then this is the place to be in. To illustrate what an ideal dwelling here should be like, we have the Canyon House.

This residence is fairly new given its construction was just completed in 2018. Its architecture was penned by the folks at Walker Workships – a studio also based in the City of Angels. The Canyon House spans 4,100 square feet and stands on land surrounded by a green landscape.

The white stucco exterior of the bungalow contrasts with the surrounding local plant species that form a perimeter around it. There are sycamores, oaks, melaleucas, and tea trees. Moreover, hardy flora that thrives in the warm climate likewise dots the courtyard.

It creates an illusion that you’re in the middle of the great outdoors, albeit with creature comforts just within reach. You can find the Canyon House in the Santa Monica Mountains in Rustic Canyon by Rustic Creek. The lot faces the Pacific coast and is one of several exceptional homes in the area.

Living there is Lisa Petrazzolo along with her two daughters. Both the exterior and interior showcase a minimalist theme. The generous use of timber in most of the rooms makes it appear even more inviting. The Canyon House boasts expansive interiors with high ceilings and four bedrooms.

A large living room and cathedral kitchen with four walls made out of glass and a ceiling that towers at 15 feet. Meanwhile, the master bedroom appears majestic with its floating ceiling that frames a massive skylight. Step outside the Canyon House to find a pool where you can cool off when it gets hot.

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Images courtesy of Joe Fletcher