Shortly after Canyon finally brings the Precede:ON CF 8 commuter e-bike stateside, the excitement continues as the group teases something awesome in development. With a growing range of products under their belt, the manufacturer hypes up what might be their next major venture. This is the Future Mobility Concept and it seems promising.

The way things are right now, cities will eventually reach a point wherein traffic jams will be at their worst. As car ownership rises, so does the gridlock as people take to the streets aboard their machines. Even those who take public transportation are not exempt from this dilemma.

As such, popular alternatives many opt for are personal platforms such as electric bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and others. However, these expose the rider to the elements, which can easily ruin someone’s day. Canyon’s Future Mobility Concept may look like a single-seater car, but there’s more to its design.

It’s fundamentally like a recumbent bike but encapsulates the user within an aerodynamic shell. The company did not specify, but the material of choice would likely be carbon fiber or other composite materials. These should keep the four-wheeler lightweight yet structurally sound.

The Future Mobility Concept might be considered a dual-classification vehicle. This means you can legally drive it on bike paths and on the road with other vehicles. Its pedal assist mode limits the top speed to 15.53 mph, but Canyon says it can reach 37.3 mph in full electric mode. The range is approximately 93 miles on a single charge.

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Images courtesy of Canyon