Designed by Ivan Torres Arquitectos, this gorgeous contemporary home is located in Ibiza, Spain. It was strategically positioned to take full advantage of the island’s iconic natural beauty. Sunny, warm, and with a lush vegetation, Ibiza is more than just an excellent place for summertime parties and fun getaways – it is also a wonderful place to call home, with serene private properties, such as this one.

Can Pep de Sa Guaita Contemporary Residence Can Pep de Sa Guaita Residence Can Pep de Sa Guaita Swimming Pool

The private house is called Can Pep de Sa Guaita, and it is a very minimalist yet perfectly comfortable home. A large backyard holds two swimming pools and plenty of place to sunbathe, lounge, dine, or play some sports on the green lawn.

The interiors are just as clean and elegant as the exterior, with many openings that invite natural light in every single nook. The large spaces and smooth transitions between them give a sense of luxury and instant relaxation to anyone who steps inside.

Can Pep de Sa Guaita Residence Living Room 1 Can Pep de Sa Guaita Residence Kitchen Can Pep de Sa Guaita Residence Bedroom View