How do you listen to your music, podcasts, or audio in general? Is it through speakers, headphones, or earbuds? Most people we know these days prefer true wireless systems for the convenience of it all. Audiophiles, on the other hand, swear by the fidelity of wired options. Campfire Audio caters to the latter but offers something unique with the Supermoon.

What looks like a pair of TWS buds is not what it seems. These are what the manufacturer describes as custom in-ear monitors. As you all know, this distinction means that each Supermoon is tailor-fit to the user and boasts more acoustic accuracy than your average earbuds.

Moreover, these are wired models that you need to physically hook up to your playback device or DAC. One look at these IEMs and you know that these are of premium quality. In fact, Campfire Audio requires interested buyers to get in touch with their local audiologists and request inner-ear impressions first.

Place your order and the company will ship over a prepaid shipping label. Use it to send over the mold. It looks like they can also accept .stl file formats if the impressions were taken digitally. After fabrication, the assembly of your Supermoon will then follow in their Portland, Oregon facilities.

No more struggling with loose or tight buds as each 3D-printed housing should fit your ear canals perfectly. The stylish hand-polished glossy finish is further elevated by the stainless-steel cap with the Campfire Audio badge.

Within each custom shell is a 14 mm full-range planar magnetic driver. The diaphragm is only 2 microns thick. The Supermoon ships with a black leather carrying case and a silver-plated copper conductor with beryllium-copper MMCX 3.5 mm stereo plug Campfire Audio Smoky Liz cable.

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images courtesy of Campfire Audio