Sustainable motoring is finally welcoming even more platforms with the growing availability of electric pickup trucks. Camp365 is now ready to supply owners of mid-size units such as the Rivian R1, Ford Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, and others with a versatile camper. The T Model turns your eco-friendly ride into a modern motorhome with superior creature comforts for your next outdoor expedition.

At roughly 7 feet by 4 feet with a weight that ranges between 700 to 800 lbs. depending on the number of add-ons, this is considered a compact option in contrast to what other manufacturers currently offer. Nonetheless, Camp365 says the 63-square-foot volume is fully customizable and can accommodate up to five people.

Instead of permanently mounting the T Model to your truck bed as some conversions require, this camper is detachable. For all-year usability, its walls are fully insulated to withstand the dynamic changes in temperature with each season. Should you choose to stay longer in remote locations, it’s brimming with features to make every journey enjoyable.

A 24-gallon water tank is standard, while its batteries can constantly recharge via solar panels to service all its electronics. Your T Model includes an air conditioner, electric heater, induction cooktop, and a Starlink satellite internet kit to keep you connected even in the most remote areas. It’s easy to set up and is a must-have for digital nomads who need to be online on a regular basis.

For a truly immersive escape from society, we recommend you leave it unplugged unless absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, the camper’s exterior has racks to hold your bikes, kayaks, or other recreational equipment. Deployable awnings provide adequate shade, while anchor points for hammocks let you take a nap outside. Camp365 is already accepting preorders of the T Model camper for a refundable $100 deposit with production starting sometime in mid-2024.

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Images courtesy of Camp365