When you’re after the ultimate experience in home entertainment, Men’s Gear is happy to help out. As long as the price is not a hindrance, there are premium options available for you to choose from. As of now, it seems that Samsung is proudly bragging about its monstrous The Wall TV measuring 219 inches. Nevertheless, as most people say, “there’s always a bigger fish” and one is about to overshadow the competition. Meet the C Seed 301—a jaw-dropping 301-inch television with insane features.

Just like Samsung’s offering, you’re probably asking who are they making these for? Obviously, its for people who have more than enough cash to burn and desire to own whatever is unattainable by the working class. In other words, only society’s elite will dare buy it. Meanwhile, unlike the South Korean brand’s model, the 301 is designed for outdoor use. That’s right, this monster can withstand the elements so owners can enjoy their TV shows and movies like never before.

For superior durability, the C Seed 301 sports a carbon fiber and titanium body. Moreover, you have to see it in action in order to understand how the display works. When not in use, the television is securely kept underground. Instead of housing all 301 inches in a space of similar size, everything folds down into a more compact structure. With a press of a button, the assembly rises up from the ground like a tower. Then, the display unit unfolds into a giant 4K screen that is reportedly visible even in daylight.

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Images courtesy of C Seed