The Bugatti and Buben&Zorweg Hyper Safe Collection combines aspects of Bugatti design and construction and boasts the most-advanced high-security safe technology. This is a limited-edition safe that boasts “timeless design, ultimate craftsmanship, and technology that pushes boundaries.”

The safe in the collection features a visual identity reminiscent of Bugatti’s hyper sports cars. Each comes with a controllable and dimmable ambient lighting feature inspired by the iconic Bugatti C-Line that adorns the Chiron. Meanwhile, at the top is a shark-tail line that evokes the Type 57 Atlantic, a motif that defines Bugatti to this day.

Then the safe door consists of a high-strength steel core and a unique carbon fiber surface that come in various colors. There are four stainless steel elements on the front and the stylish handle ensures ease of use.  The safe in the Bugatti and Buben&Zorweg Hyper Safe Collection is then finished off with a Light-Arch-Protection Coating (LAP Coating) to make them more durable and resilient and resistant to scratches.

There are three models under the collection namely the “Hyper Light,” characterized by Napa Leather in Pearl Beige & Shadow Grey, with the LAP Coating in Stone matt finish, and the safe door in Light Super Composite Fiber. Then there’s the “Hyper Dark” model which blends Napa Leather in Mocha Brown & Powder Grey, with the LAP coating in Copper matt finish and the safe door in Dark High-Tech Carbon Fiber.

Lastly in the Hyper Safe Collection is the “Hyper Track” which represents Bugatti’s DNA with expanded black high-tech carbon fiber elements on the front. Meanwhile, Napa Leather in Pace Blue for the side and top is reminiscent of Bugatti’s “French Racing Blue,” and the LAP Coating is in Onyx matt finish, with the door in Track High-Tech Carbon Fiber.  

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Images courtesy of Hyper Safe Collection