When Mercedes-Benz wants to pump up one of its normal road cars it gives the automobile to its AMG tuning division. AMG will then come up with a suitably quick and muscular version of a Mercedes, but sometimes taking it up one notch is not enough. So what do you do to your Merc when you want the dial turned all the way up to “Bonkers”? Well, this is where Brabus comes in, the frankly crazy modding company that turns already mildly unstable Mercedes-Benz AMG’s and puts them in the insane asylum.

The Brabus 800 Roadster is the latest Ferrari munching effort from Brabus, and as you would expect it is utterly mad, however this being a Mercedes you also get all the luxuries of modern motoring. The normal Mercedes 800 already packs a whopping 621hp V12 monster under the hood, but Brabus in their infinite wisdom deemed that not enough so they tuned it up and it now snorts out 800hp and 1,047 lb-ft of torque. That is plenty to see you to 60mph in less than 4 seconds and will give you a top speed of 217mph.

All that power means that the 800 had to be modified with new suspension, while the hulking body has been aerodynamically refined for those blistering speeds. The Brabus 800 Roadster is quite easily the fastest roadster available, and we think its looks great too, although for the price of $212,240 it should.