The name Speedy aptly defines this folder from Bomber & Company. Its blade deploys at lighting speed, as such it’s dubbed as the “world’s fastest mini pocket knife.”

It uses a spring-loaded mechanism that allows for rapid deployment. A press of the lever and the blade swiftly and efficiently springs into action and locks in place via a liner lock. This action makes this knife a great option where speed is involved, like during emergency situations or as a self-defense tool. 

Moreover, it can be deployed with one hand, making the Speedy a convenient knife to use when you want your other hand free for other tasks. Speaking of the blade, this one is crafted from extremely high-grade 440 carbon stainless steel with a G10 fiberglass handle that’s sealed with epoxy resin for strength, durability, and for water and temperature resistance.

The blade boasts great edge retention, corrosion resistance, durability, and overall ease of use. It requires minimal maintenance and is not prone to rusting or staining especially when subjected to wet or humid conditions. The blade has perforations which helps with enhanced performance, user comfort, and efficiency. It is a straight blade or “precision cut blade” with a flat grind making it very versatile for daily use.

The Speedy can do just about any tasks from opening boxes or packages to cutting or trimming materials like leather. It’s sharp enough to chip away at small branches, prepare food, or open cans during outdoor adventures. Yet it packs small and we mean pint-size small, about the size of your car key only slimmer. It measures 3.74″ long with the blade at merely 1.45″ long (it may seem too small for larger hands) and weighs just 1.6 ounces. 

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Images courtesy of Bomber & Company