Being diagnosed with high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, never feels great, even if you are aware of hypertension symptoms that exist in your life already. High blood pressure causes an increase in pressure throughout the arteries in the body, greatly increasing your risk for heart attack or stroke. There are a number of proven strategies to consider if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and want to lower your blood pressure as naturally as possible.

1) Get Buff

Are you putting off going to the gym? Don’t. Now is the time to pick up the pace and stop slacking – for your health’s sake! Not only will getting buff and back into shape help you to shed a few pounds, but you can also look and feel fantastic while doing it.

Vanity and ego do not have to be your primary motivators if that’s not your thing, though. Exercising is one of the best ways to improve heart and muscle health while also adding years or even decades to your life with consistent work and effort.

When you are ready to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, consider the following tips:

2) Nature’s Got Your Back

When it comes to living with high blood pressure, it can be confusing to find supplements and medications that assist you along your journey to better health. One way to attempt to lower blood pressure is to consider natural medicine treatment options. With any ailment, disease, or imbalance in the body, it is advisable not to underestimate the power of natural alternative medicines.

A recent study from Oxford University discovered that CBD, or Cannabidiol, has an extensive range of cardiovascular benefits, regardless of age or current health condition. CBD is a hemp-based extract that is commonly found in cannabis.

Those who participated in the Oxford University study were either given 600 mg of CBD or placebo at random. Participants were then presented with numerous physical activities as well as mental tests. Remarkably, the participants who were provided the dose of 600 mg of CBD showed significant reductions in overall blood pressure (diastolic and systolic) compared to the placebo group.

Natural medicines like CBD should be taken alongside a doctor’s medical supervision (and after receiving clearance from a primary care physician). The good news is CBD does not have any habit-forming characteristics or the ability to cause harm to the body. It’s perfectly safe and non-addictive.

Thinking of taking a CBD oil or a CBD softgel for cardiovascular benefits? Remember to start low and go slow. A 600 mg CBD dose is fairly hefty for most people. While it’s completely safe to go as high as 1,200 mg of CBD taken per dose, you might not need to!

First time CBD users should start with the lowest effective dose of between 25 mg and 50 mg for the initial week. This will help you gauge your individual response.

Some level of biometric feedback here is critical, so you might consider investing in an at-home blood pressure monitoring cuff to determine how well CBD is working to reduce your blood pressure levels. If, after the first week, you think you may need a higher dose to boost the effectiveness, then you should increase your dose based on your current body weight.

Use the Cannabiva CBD dosage chart to determine the optimal daily dose of CBD based on your weight, individual tolerance levels and specific potency needs.

3) Chill Out, Dude

The world is crazy, and if you spend too much time soaking in the craziness and chaos, you just might find yourself overwhelmed and stuck with high blood pressure. Stress that goes unaddressed and undiagnosed is a serious killer with significant short and long-term complications, from depression and hair loss to weight gain, hypertension, and even nervous breakdowns and heart attacks.

Because most of the stress we experience is often brought on inside of our heads, it is more important than ever to make your mental health a top priority. Taking time each day to unwind, destress, and spend time in gratitude can go a long way for your blood pressure and overall health. Some tips to keep in mind after a stressful and long day might include:

4) Stop Eating Total Crap

Getting stuck in a perpetual loop of eating ultra-processed garbage food is so easy, especially with the incessant bombardment of advertisements and local promotions everywhere you go. But you know how terrible that processed cheeseburger and 2,000-calorie pile of wings is for your body (not to mention your attitude and mental clarity).

If you really want to lower your blood pressure, you need to take your diet and nutrition more seriously. Diet and nutrition arguably play one of the biggest roles in our daily health. It’s time to stop with fast food and get serious about improving the way you eat and your overall lifestyle.

While that microwaved Hungry Man meal may feel convenient now, it can lead to excess weight, joint pain, poor mobility, cardiovascular disease, and yes, even stroke over time. You don’t have to cut out all processed food from your like today. Simply find more ways to incorporate the following foods, which can help improve heart health and lower blood pressure naturally:

Eliminate high trans-fat meats and swap them for leaner meats as you help to heal your blood pressure and any heart risks you may have. With an array of amazing recipe sites (looking at you AllRecipes and Genius/, there is no excuse to prevent you from getting a bit creative with your veggies today.

5) Sleep

In a society that praises the overworked and high-strung leaders, finding time to fit sleep into your schedule can seem silly and frivolous as you are working to build your career. However, in the 21st century, sleep is super underrated.

Sleep is one of the most important and fundamental elements of our lives. When people joke “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” it may sound funny. But without sleep, you have a much greater risk of health problems, including, well…an early death. Without enough sleep, you significantly increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and immune system complications.

Each night, ensure that you are getting adequate sleep – this means at minimum, between 7 and 9 hours in total of deep REM sleep. You can also take naps throughout your day to provide your body with any extra rest it may be craving. You should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep within each 24-hour cycle that you are awake.

For those who are having trouble sleeping or experiencing bouts of insomnia, consider turning to a CBD oil or even a CBN oil isolate solution such as those available at CBN, or Cannabinol, is another natural medicine that is found and extracted from cannabis plants. It’s been shown to specifically target the body’s sleep receptors. Using the proper tincture and extract can help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

With all the tips listed above, we hope that you can find relief from your high blood pressure using natural solutions and paths. By exercising, implementing a healthy diet, and utilizing natural substances such as CBD, you will be well on your way to effectively lowering your blood pressure on your own.