Drawing inspiration from an original chest owned by professional photographer/inventor/adventurer Robert Edison Fulton (known for having traveled around the world on a motorcycle and for his aviation-related inventions), the Best Made Field Chest is a fine piece of furniture “built to house the items that bring to life our most passionate pursuits.”

Built by the venerated Gerstner & Sons in Dayton, Ohio, the impeccable chest is made from American cherry with hand-fitted joinery, brass hardware, and 6-oz. leather details. It features 12 uniquely sized drawers (some with knurled brass knobs, while the others have library pulls with card slots), a book cubby, storage inside the doors, a custom-made German centerpiece clock, and a secret compartment behind the back paneling.

The exquisite piece is emblazoned with Best Made’s classic motifs – a red sash and laser-etched BMC ruler.

Buy From Best Made $5,500