Lighters are essential especially for the adventure or thrill seekers, to those who smoke, or whose job deals with lighting fire. But butane powered lighters can be toxic and inconvenient since you’d have to make sure it’s still got gas. In these modern times, it’s better to get the rechargeable types, like the Barebones Pivot Arc Lighter, since you can easily just plug and recharge it at home and never have to worry about gas spills and its potential dangers.

This is a sleek, stylish and eco-friendly lighter great for camping, grill or candle lighting, and even for pipe lighting. It runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that offer approximately 40 ignitions (seven seconds each) in one full charge. It’s also ergonomically designed to be used effortlessly thanks to its unique 360-degree pivoting head.

The pivoting feature is great for left-handed people and also allows for compact storage. When closed, the Barebones Pivot Arc Lighter doesn’t resemble any of its kind. It can easily be mistaken as a pocket knife with the blade tucked neatly inside. But what this lighter hides is a power button on the inner surface, which turns on the plasma lighter.

This tool uses cutting-edge electric plasma technology to provide an ultra-reliable flame and ensure a consistent and efficient ignition each time. Moreover, it’s built to handle the outdoors with its durable construction. It’s crafted with high-quality die-cast zinc parts and finished with a tumbled brass coating to make it last.

The Barebones Pivot Arc also features a wind-proof design so it can be used in any weather conditions. With its versatile, durable, and stylish design, this lighter would make a great addition to your camping or survival gear collection. 

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Images courtesy of Barebones