Philippine-born Daryl Villanueva has educated himself in design and engineering across the globe from Hong Kong, Australia, and Malaysia to China and the United States before creating Bandit9 Motorcycles in Saigon, Vietnam. There he focuses on creating unique futuristic looking custom motorbikes for the discriminating rider.

His newest masterpiece is the Limited Edition Bandit9 Eden ($11K-$12K)of which he is producing only nine units for this series. Just like his previous creation, the Mk. II, each bike has a handcrafted, steel unibody frame and sports a Honda Supersport 125cc engine. The straight body design gives the 2-wheeler a rocket-like appearance and whether yours has the chrome plating or the gold, it will leave a streak of envy in its path, guaranteed!

Subtle extras that add to this rare treat include the black marble gas cap, dual shock rear suspension, and the sculpted-like exhaust. Without a doubt, Eden has the style to put you into an urban paradise every time you hit the streets.