When hunting for a new residence, the available choices all boil down to the preference of the buyer. Most people we know choose to live in or close to the city. However, there has been a noticeable change over the past few years. Now, properties like this quaint Badlands Home are the types that generate a lot of interest.

Due to the pandemic, the real estate market reports a surging demand for houses that are situated away from crowded areas. These locations may make the commute to work and back a little longer, but the serenity and immersion in nature easily make up for it.

Besides, most companies now offer remote jobs, which is a wonderful option for homebodies. Going back to the Badlands Home, its blueprint is the work of BLDG Workshop. The studio “was approached to design a home that felt both modern and cohesive with the rolling, rural hills of Caledon.”

A notable feature of the landscape is the red earth, which becomes a source of inspiration for the team. While most of the Badlands Home exterior is white, there are sections of the structure clad in Corten steel to give it a stylish weathered appearance. Moreover, the hue of the metal matches the surrounding land.

In some images of the rustic residence, it looks striking when snow covers the property. As for the interior, BLDG Workshop endows the volumes with wooden flooring, white walls, and white ceilings. Combined with the many windows, natural lighting fills the spaces by day. Overall, the Badlands Home gives off a cozy atmosphere that invites guests to stay over longer.

Images courtesy of BLDG Workshop