When David Maurice of New Zealand’s LTD Architectural set his mind to creating his own version of the backcountry hut, he settled on a hillside location 40 minutes north of Auckland, in the Puhoi settlement. His perfect ‘Back Country House’ is a study in simple lines and structure.

The first level of the single volume home holds a lounge, kitchen, and eating area and extends past the wide double glass doors onto a veranda featuring an outdoor fireplace and two sunken tubs. The second-floor master bedroom is under a slanted roof with wide windows facing the scenic woodlands behind the dwelling. This room also doubles as an office as there is a long desk under the windows. A separate unit houses extra bedrooms and utility areas.

Maurice’s ‘Back Country House’ received a designer award at the Auckland-Northland Architectural Designers New Zealand for Intelligent Layout and Adept use of Materials. [via]