For years now, DJI maintains its as the top manufacturer of recreational drones. The Chinese brand has been churning out model after model and leaving others with no hope of catching up to its fast-paced product supercycle. However, an upstart called Autel Robotics is stepping up and unveiling a compact model it’s calling the EVO Nano+.

It won’t be easy unseating DJI from the throne, but Autel Robotics is certainly packing noteworthy features into their contender. The American outfit endows the Nano+ with advanced functionalities and capabilities to rival that of the competition. Furthermore, their latest model is a 2022 winnder of the Red Dot Product Design Award.

This camera drone touts a 1/1.28” CMOS sensor. It’s 48-megapixel unit can record 4K/30 fps videos. A 3-axis gimbal actively counteracts any motion to ensure your footage is as smooth as can be. Say goodbye to shaky shots during flight as it engages the necessary compensation for exceptional stability.

Unleash your creativity as the integrated cinematic capabilities of the Nano+ lets you frame everything like a pro. This pocket-friendly camera drone weighs only 8.8 ounces. You can control it via the bundled remote. Download the Autel Sky app to control it with your mobile device.

With the companion app, owners can set flight paths, set subjects for dynamic tracking, tweak the settings, and edit captured footage. The product page says the video transmission range is 6.2 miles, Meanwhile, its flight time is 28 minutes on a full charge.

Peace of mind comes from the advanced obstacle avoidance system. Autel Robotics is outfitting the quadcopter with three-way binocular vision sensors. The drone can detect hazards behind, below, and in front of it. Even if you’re a newbie, the Nano+ should be easy to handle and master.

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Nano+ Pocket Nano+ Holding Nano+ Flight

Images courtesy of Autel Robotics