Berlin-based company ATOLL is “breaking with the norm and rethinking the concept of living.” They are redefining the meaning of cooking with the innovative induction-powered dining table. 

This dining table features multiple leg styles and two invisible cooking surfaces in different sizes. One is 9″ in diameter and the other is smaller at 6.7″. This allows for a unified process of cooking and eating on one ceramic surface. Seamlessly integrated induction coils enable energy-efficient cooking directly on the table.

The beauty of induction cooking is its non-hot surface. ATOLL builds upon this convenience to design this ingenious cooking/dining essential. Food prep, cooking and eating practically happen on one surface. The question though is how to tell where to put your pots and pans. 

The cooktops have small, barely visible filigree circles to indicate their positions. Also, the cooktops operate with a simple touch control system, discreetly recessed in the center of the long side of the table. 

Moreover, ATOLL makes sure the induction-powered dining table is durable. It is made from a thin layer of porcelain ceramic that is resistant to abrasion, temperature, and scratches and it can withstand fire, extreme heat, and frost. The material is not only durable but also hygienic because it is impervious to liquids and insensitive to acids.

Currently, ATOLL’s induction-powered dining table is available in a width of 100 cm and with a length of either 200, 240, or 280 cm. Each size comes with three table bases and eight ceramic surfaces to choose from. 

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Images courtesy of ATOLL