A showstopping piece of glassware is also essential when it comes to entertaining guests at a party. The Asprey Hexagonal Liqueur Set adds a bright spot in your office or home bar setting. It’s a conversation starter when entertaining guests because of its luxurious appeal.

This elegant crystal bar set speaks of timeless beauty with its intricate and striking design. Exclusively made for Asprey in Bohemia, the pieces are the product of great care and expert workmanship. The shot glass and decanter are expertly mouth-blown to perfection. Then they are meticulously hand-cut and polished with a striking hexagonal finish. The stopper on the decanter is also hand engraved to ensure the perfect and sealable fit.

The Asprey Hexagonal Liqueur Set dazzles with its crystal brilliance thanks to highly refractive and reflective surfaces. This makes any drink sparkle and looks luxurious. It works great with an after-dinner digestif or makes for an enchanting pair with your apéritifs. It makes for a dashing way to offer guests a postprandial amaro or limoncello.

The set comes in amber or in clear crystal and made from lead-free crystal. The decanter has a 250 ml liquid capacity at a height of 5.74 inches. The shot glasses, on the other hand, can hold 20ml of your favorite whiskey and make you look sophisticated while providing a comfortable grip with its ideal size of 3.57 inches.

The Asprey Hexagonal Liqueur Set is crafted with care thus it also asks for the same when it comes to cleaning. The glass and decanter are not dishwasher safe and requires careful hand washing.

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Images courtesy of Asprey London