When it comes to technology, what is considered groundbreaking now eventually becomes mainstream. To stay on top of the competition, innovation needs to be consistent and comprehensive. Arizer understands what its customers want from their dry herb vaporizer. As such, the Solo II MAX takes everything great about its predecessor and cranks it up to another level.

With the relaxed stance on the use of cannabis, companies need to cater to what buyers want from their hardware. As the name says, the Solo II Max is intended for portability and performance. So far, many agree it delivers on both aspects and even beyond.

Those who have tried the previous model should be pleased to know this bad boy ships with all the necessary improvements and upgrades. As a consumer, it feels awesome when a company listens to feedback. So, here’s our breakdown of what you can expect from Arizer’s latest iteration.

Ordering  And Unboxing Your Arizer Solo II MAX

Before we dive into detail about the product in question, let’s start with how you can get one. Of course, Arizer’s official store page offers it, but another authorized supplier to grab your goods from is Haze Smoke Shop. Orders ship out in discrete packaging, which is great when there are nosy people around. 

Anyway, after checkout and payment, orders surprisingly ship out quickly and arrive when you least expect it. The box should contain the Solo II Max unit, a USB-A to USB-C cable, a charging brick, a 110 mm glass aroma tube, a 14 mm frosted glass aroma tube, 2x stem caps, a stainless steel stirring tool, 4x steel filter screens, a 110 mm PVC travel tube, a 70 mm PVC travel tube, and some documentation.

Sleek And Stealthy Aesthetics

From a design perspective, Arizer retains the ergonomic form factor of the Solo II. There are slimmer dry herb vaporizers in the market, but the shape of the Solo II MAX makes it easy to hold securely when in use. The body is constructed out of anodized aluminum with a matte finish and is shaped like a tubular ellipse. It’s only available in Carbon Black and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The blackout colorway endows it with an understated vibe many will find appealing. There are four sections on the housing which gradually transition into flat surfaces toward the base. The front features an OLED screen with a circular control button just below. A USB-C port is the only noteworthy element on the rear. In conjunction with the remaining two on each flank, these edges improve grip.

Why Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Generally, cannabis and other herbs are smoked to almost immediately feel the effects. Although there are other ways to enjoy these, inhalation is the preferred method by folks who wish to indulge in it recreationally. Dry herb vaporizers like the Solo II MAX are regarded as healthier alternatives by studies. Since no combustion is involved, harmful toxins are never generated.

To put it simply, reports indicate virtually no irritation felt upon inhalation of the vapors. A digital temperature readout allows you to fine-tune just how hot the heating chamber gets during operation. Additionally, Arizer made it completely intuitive to control these and other settings for our convenience.

The Solo II MAX

Among the items users can toggle are the temperature, audio prompts, automatic shut-off timer, warning alerts, power-on delay, display brightness, and more. A full charge of its dual-cell high-capacity 18650 battery is enough for up to three hours of dry herb vaporization. The unit can also be used while charging for uninterrupted sessions.

The proprietary glass stems included with the Solo II MAX are outfitted with a bowl where you load the dry herbs. It’s not immediately visible at a glance, but there are small holes for the vapors. These are just the right size for coarser grinds, but the stainless steel screens do come in handy when the grind is finer than average.

Another cool feature brought about by the integrated sensors is the automatic orientation detection. Flip the device upside down to see the display adjust accordingly as well as the control scheme. Attach the 14 mm frosted glass aroma tube with its universal male water pipe adapter when your session calls for additional filtration or in some cases — a hybrid setup.

Should You Make The Upgrade?

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Solo II MAX brings to the table over the outgoing model. Many will appreciate Arizer’s decision to swap out the DC barrel plug port of the Solo II for a USB-C port. Given the latter’s ubiquity, recharging is practically accessible anytime and anywhere.

The new heating chamber is purportedly quicker this time around, which is great for hits when in a rush. Dark Mode may not seem that remarkable at first, yet you’ll discover its usefulness when the lights are out. Finally, an accelerometer determines the orientation in real time and tweaks the display and direction buttons accordingly.

Our Takeaway

Renowned for the performance, build quality, and value of its products, Arizer manages to tick all the right boxes with the Solo II MAX. Even if you already own the Solo II, there are still plenty of reasons to justify its purchase. Aside from cannabis, the device is excellent for aromatherapy. In fact, the company also supplies a wide range of botanicals and provides their respective recommended temperature ranges for the best results.

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