The motorcycle scene is not about to be left out when it comes to green mobility. As the majority of marques in the automotive industry inch closer to full electrification, Aprilia takes an emission-free step for the future. This is the ELECTRICa – a supermoto that promises outstanding performance and fun sans any impact on the environment.

Unlike other established motorcycle manufacturers that already have battery-electric models commercially available, what the Italian group shares is still in the concept stages. Nonetheless, this project is a thrilling nudge in the right direction to combat the threat of climate change.

What makes the ELECTRICa awesome is the fact that it’s Aprilia’s first attempt at a battery-electric two-wheeler. Despite teasing this new platform, they are not sharing a specific timeframe as to when their production is shifting to eco-friendly powertrains.

For now, we should just enjoy the hype this concept brings to the table. Let’s start with the twin-spar chassis which houses the battery in the central section. Meanwhile, the electric motor calls the swingarm home as the chain final drive peeks out underneath the frame.

Aprilia outfits the sustainable supermoto with black Phonic rims shod in street tires. There’s also the MX-style saddle, a forged carbon fiber body kit, and a triple headlight setup. The ELECTRICa flaunts elements in a shade of copper and aqua blue accents. The dash instruments are all digital and this electric moto also touts a keyless operation.

“A lightweight and rewarding electric motorcycle that is faithful to the Aprilia spirit. The innovative Aprilia ELECTRICa is dedicated to the future generations, tomorrow’s bikers and simply anyone who appreciates uncompromised emission-free riding pleasure,” describes Aprilia.

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Images courtesy of Aprilia