APPAREIL architecture’s Grand-Pic Chalet stands ominously beautiful amid its wooded setting. Located in Austin, Quebec, the cottage seeks refuge among tall, lanky trees and above fern-strewn grounds. It stands unassuming amidst its surrounding natural topography.

This cabin takes design inspiration from the characteristics of the terrain. As such, corrugated steel painted shiny black and topped with silver metal roofing clad the exterior. The shape of the metal structure complements the vertical lines of the trees while the black paint lets the structure blend into the night. This allows it to form what the architects called a “unique experience of symbiosis between nature and architecture.”

The Grand-Pic Chalet comprises two cabins, there’s the bigger one measuring 1464sqf and a smaller cabin linked together by outdoor cedar decking raised above the ground. The first floor of the larger house hosts a small bathroom, a foyer, storage cabinets, an open-plan kitchen, and a dining and living room. Meanwhile, the private rooms are on the second floor which is half the area of the lower level.  

Aside from the exterior, the interior of the cabin is also in harmony with the surrounding terrain. Russian plywood makes up the walls and ceiling, and white paint adorns the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Meanwhile, the dining chairs, sink faucet, and bar stools are all black.

Likewise, a massive glazed wall takes up one end of the living room for amazing views of the birch trees outside and a door off the kitchen leads to the outdoor deck. The smaller cabin of the Grand-Pic Chalet, on the other hand, serves as extra storage space. 

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Images courtesy of APPAREIL architecture