This stunning 12,300-square-foot residence was built in 2008 by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. It is located in small waterfront town called Sewall’s Point, some 40 miles north of West Palm Beach.

Its contemporary architecture is based on a series of interlocking rectilinear volumes, harmoniously positioned along a transparent longitudinal axis. The way in which the positive volumes have been placed atop negative ones gives the residence a unique and intriguing character. Two distinct volumes can be immediately recognized as the dominant ones, but they are elegantly connected by a glass volume whose transparency invites natural light inside and ensures a sense of spaciousness.

River Road House Backyard

A variety of colors and textures gives visual dynamism to the exterior: glass meets stucco, limestone and mahogany. For the generous interiors, the architects used Minnesota limestone, mahogany, and plaster finishes to obtain a varied yet harmonious effect. Touches of modern design, such as a quirky red chandelier and other brightly colored decors keep the interiors fresh and inviting.

River Road House Living Room River Road House Kitchen River Road House Dining Area 1