Alibi Studio’s Secret Sky provides a unique viewing point at the sky above. The team behind this structure revitalized an old, dilapidated barn with an entrance that’s unlike any traditional door. Instead, they sliced an opening through its volume to provide a passageway from which guests can bask in the beauty of the sky.

It’s a structural reworking of a barn that used to house livestock and farm machinery in Port Austin village. The gambrel-roof barn has a segment of its volume removed to make way for a new space where visitors can view the sky. The open-top entryway stands out both day and night. The designers likened the cut to a “very tall and slender triangle” that has been “extruded as a void through the barn, cutting the faces and the roof.

The slice transforms the barn and opens it up to the changes of light and darkness that happen in the sky. In the morning, the Alibi Studio’s Secret Sky allows daylight to pour in through the cut. It is noticeable for its intricate structure and massive cut. Then at night the passageway glows from within casting long shadows on the surrounding ground like a lantern. 

Meanwhile, a series of solar lights illuminate the structure from the inside. The lights make the barn stand out in a vast empty field at night in what the studio described as a “large-scale lantern.”

Best of all, the Alibi Studio’s Secret Sky repurposed unused timber and retained most of the original structure inside. It is also the work of a local non-profit organization doing renovations of old barns in rural Michigan. 

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Images courtesy of Alibi Studio