For most dudes, their home is their castle and today we want to take a look at one of the best modern castles around – the Ramat HaSharon Pavilion House. This modern house was designed by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studios and while we have no envy at all towards their ability to come up with a catchy business name, we do have envy towards their ability to design amazing homes.

The house is littered with sleek and minimalist features which make it stand out from the crowd. Side note – calling it a house feels like a bit of an injustice. Houses are in Wisconsin, works of art like this are in Israel.

The house is made up from cubes with added screens to continue a geometric theme. This allows light to pour in over the equally impressive interior while also warranting the exterior with a little more dazzle and texture. It has a conventional layout with living spaces on the lower floor and private quarters above. It gets its minimalist aesthetics from concrete polished flooring, white walls and a wall of glass. One of its practical features is that the extended roof protects from the sun’s midday intensity. Enough talking, more admiring!

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