Designed to be easily transported, the Trailer House is a low cost, versatile living space that can act as a permanent home, workspace or vacation retreat.

The house costs less than $27K to built and uses repurposed materials and locally grown unseasoned timber. A removable wheeled ‘bogey’ (that slides out from under its steel chassis when not being moved) allows the Trailer House to be relocated to anywhere you need it, while a corrugated fiberglass and steel exterior ensures many years of use.

The interior makes effective use of timber, has scavenged insulation and is lined with shuttering ply, including the 2 staircases; handrails are constructed from offcuts of blue rope, and natural light gets through via gable ends which are ‘glazed’ with high-performance interlocking polycarbonate.

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Images by Piers Taylor/Jim Stephenson