In an effort to help woo over vintage watch collectors, the Bulova 1972 Devil Driver will be making a return with a little help from Analog. The watch will be getting a mechanical movement upgrade but Analog wants to reassure fans of the original that the watch will remain true to its heritage, down to the fine details. The name ‘Devil Diver’ originated because the original watch had a depth rating of 666 feet.

The movement will be calibrated with Bulova’s SW-22-1 AIG-5 and a safety lock is going to be included on the buckle. The newly minted watch stays true to its roots, with a bright orange dial and the overall aesthetics of the watch will make it hard to decipher which one is the original 1972 design and which one is the new release. If you were lucky enough to grab one, 30 special editions were released with A/S branding.

Buy From Analog Shift $1,525