For those who tend to think only sports cars have high performance power, Mercedes-Benz AMG wants to disavow the notion. They have just released the details of 2018’s Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 S Sedan ($TBA) just to show the world how powerful a “passenger car” can be.

Under the hood Mercedes Benz has hidden a 4.0 Liter twin turbocharged V-8 engine capable of producing 603 horsepower that can torque up to 627 foot pounds and hurl the vehicle to a maximum speed of 186 mph. The acceleration is so intense the E63 S hits the 0-60 mph spot in a short 3.3 seconds.

This supercar in disguise sports a wet-cut 9 speed gearbox for extra fast response times. The 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, as well as balancing between front and rear torque also gives the driver a “Drift Mode” which activates a “manual” mode in the transmission for even greater personal control of the vehicle for those who take their driving personally.