The Barbara Custom Motorcycle Concepts are some of the best looking bikes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Imagined by a France-based design shop, these futuristic bikes reinterpret motorcycles from well-known brands such as Husqvarna, Triumph, Honda, and BMW.

With its fuel tank and seat integrated seamlessly to form a straight line, the ‘Black Matter’ is a low and mean dark samurai. The speed-hungry ‘Ampulex Compressa’ has rounded, perfectly aerodynamic lines, while the ‘Sting’ features an agile appearance. The ‘Crusader’ and the ‘Black Rhinoceros’ are both atrocious beasts with overwhelming power.

We can only hope manufacturers will get inspired by these otherworldly 2-wheelers and create something similar that we can actually ride. Until then, drool over the pictures…

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